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New Java Batch

new java batch

Core Java:

  • Duration: 45 days

  • Description: We cover all necessary topic of object-oriented programming in Java such as Identifiers, Keywords, and Data Types, Variables, Operators, Expressions and Flow Control, Loop Statement, Arrays, Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Generics, Exceptions and Assertions, Basic I/O, File I/O, Multi-threading Programming etc.
  • Course Fee: Rs. 3500/-

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J2EE(Web Component):

  • Duration: 60 days

  • Description: Java EE (J2EE) – Web Component Development training will develop your java programing skill to works with JEE frameworks. After completion of this training you will able to develop Web Application, Intranet Application etc. You can use JEE technology for the development of robust, scalable enterprise applications.JEE technology includes a lot of frameworks like web technologies, HTTP, Sevlets, JSP, JSTL, CSTL, MVC, JSF etc. In JEE training you will learn about several application and web server like Apache Tomcat, Weblogic, Glassfish, Jboss ect.
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4000/-

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