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Training Struts Hibernate Spring

Struts, Hibernate, Spring Framework

Training Struts Hibernate Spring

Course duration: 60 Days, Course Fee: 8000

In Java technology there are so many frameworks that help the programmers to build complex applications easily. You can choose these frameworks for building your applications.

Framework is set of reusable components & program that provide facility to develop fast and robust Enterprise Application. Frameworks are set of library with consists Interfaces, classes and configurable files. A set of instruction we have to flow to use them into our application. We will make you aware about those give instructions. You will very easily develop such application using different kinds of frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, JUnit, Log4j, and Spring etc.


Struts 2 Framework Training Course

Struts 2 – Overview

What is Struts , Struts Architecture , MVC and Struts 2 ,Workflow: Request-Response lifecycle, Installation and configuration in eclipse


Action interface, ModelDriven interface, ActionSupport class, Actions Implementation, Action Chaining, Configuring Actions ,


The Result interface, Chain Result, Dispatcher Result, Redirect Result, Redirect Action Result, Tiles Result, PreResultListener, Multipage Forms

Introduction to Ajax

Contacting the server without page refreshing, The XmlHttpRequest object , The XmlHttpResponse object

Struts Tags

Generic Tags, UI Tags, Themes and Templates, Ajax Tags, OGNL, Tabular inputs, HTML form tags, Iterator tag, Formatting dates and numbers


Introduction to AOP, The Interceptor interface, Implementing aspects using interceptors, Configuring interceptors in struts.xml, Interceptor Order


Basic Validation, Client Validation, AJAX Validation, Field Validators, Non Field Validators, Visitor Field Validator


Hibernate Training Course

Java Persistence

Overview of Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Overview of Hibernate architecture, Installation and configuration of Hibernate application,

Configuring Hibernate

Hibernate configuration property file, Hibernate configuration XML file, Java annotations for Hibernate configuration, Hibernate mapping files, Database dialects, obtaining a SessionFactory, Hibernate code generation tools.

O/R Mapping

Mapping strategies, Hibernate mapping files, Class to Table mapping, Mapping properties to columns, The id element and primary key, primary key generation methods, Composite primary keys, Hibernate data types, Custom value types, Mapping for collections and associations, Component mapping, Inheritance mapping.

Manipulating and Querying Persistent Objects

Persistent classes (Entities), Entity Life cycle, Transient and Persistent states, Object Loading, checking for dirty Object, Detached objects, Merging objects, Find methods, The Query interface, CRUD operations, Criteria Queries, native SQL query, lifecycle and interceptor callbacks, Transactions and concurrency, Hibernate Query Language (HQL).


Java Transaction API (JTA), Hibernate transactions, Concurrency, Transaction isolation levels, Optimistic and pessimistic locking

Performance Tuning

Collections and performance, Cache, Hibernate Cache Architecture, Cache concurrency, Caching levels and regions, Eviction, Batch fetching, Sub-select fetching, Lazy loading for performance, Cascaded operations, Proxy objects.


Spring Framework Training Course

Spring Overview

What is Spring, The Spring Architecture, Spring Modules, Dependency Injection, Spring Configurations, Using Aspects, Application Context

Spring Containers

The Role of the Spring Containers, Bean Factory, Application Context, The Bean Lifecycle, Event Subscription, Publishing Application Events

Advanced Bean Wiring

Declarative Bean Wiring, Simple Bean Properties, Constructor Arguments, Anonymous Inner Bean Declarations, Autowireing, Wiring Property Files, Creating Type Converters

Spring and Aspect-Oriented Programming

What is AOP? ,AOP in Perspective, Join Points, Point Cuts, Advice, Metamodels for Aspects, Comparing Options for Aspects, Configuration of Aspects, Use of AspectJ, Aspects through Annotations

Spring and Persistence

Integration with JDBC, Use of JDBC Templates, Use of Callbacks, Data Access Objects, DataSources, Object Relational Mapping, Hibernate with Spring, Configuration of Spring and Hibernate,

Transactions in Spring

Transaction Managers, Configuration of Transaction Managers, Programmatic Transactions, Transaction Callback API, Declarative Transactions, Isolation Levels, Read-Only Hint, Timeouts

Spring and Security

Spring Security Model, Process Behind Security Interceptors, Authentication Manager, Access Decision Manager, Run-as Manager, After Invocation Manager, Using Annotations

Web Applications with Spring MVC

Web Frameworks, What is Spring-MVC?, Setup of the Dispatchers, Loading Configuration Files, The ContextLoaderListener, Handler Mapping, Controller, ModelAndView Object, Spring Validators, View Resolver, The Spring Tag Library.

Remote Invocation with Spring

Remoting Patterns, Spring and Remoting, RMI with Spring, Web Services with Spring


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