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Web Services With Spring MVC (Practical Implementation) going to start from 11th June 2016
Duration: 20 hours
Description: Soap and Rest, XML essentials, Importing a WSDL document, RESTful with JSON etc.
Fee: Rs. 8000/- Register Now

Job Oriented Training with Project & Placement Assistant

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  • Web Services with Spring MVC ( Practical Implementation )

    Course Duration: 10 Classes , Course Fee: 8000/

    Web services is an application that extents the power of a web based solution to work in heterogeneous systems and use standardized XML messaging service and JSON services also. It is not bind with any operating system or programming language. Web services platform is XML + JSON + HTTP. Standard Web Services works using SOAP, UDDI & WSDL.



    1. Defining SOAP Messages with WSDL:


    XML essentials

    • XML namespaces
    • Describing XML with schema


    Structure of SOAP messages

    • Role of SOAP in web services
    • Operations, messages and faults


    Anatomy of a WSDL document

    • Defining the interfaces of a web service
    • Specifying implementation


    2. Implementing Code–First Web Services

    Exposing plain old Java objects (POJOs) as web services

    • Applying JAX–WS annotations to POJOs
    • Configuring and deploying a web service implementation


    Importing a WSDL document

    • Building interoperable applications by conforming to Web Services Interoperability (WS–I) standards
    • Implementing a web service endpoint using JAX–WS


    3. Building RESTful Web Services

    Introduction to REST (Representational State Transfer)

    • Describing the REST architectural style
    • Comparing SOAP and RESTful web services


    Developing RESTful web services using JAX–RS

    • Adding JAX–RS annotations to a POJO
    • Configuring result types using HTTP request headers
    • Deploying a JAX–WS service


    Customizing a RESTful Service Implementation

    • Interacting with request URLs
    • Mapping URLs to Java classes and methods
    • Binding URL components to method arguments


    4. Providing Server–Side Support for Ajax Clients

    Handling JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

    • Applying cases for JSON with RESTful services
    • Interpreting a message formatted as JSON


    Mapping Java to JSON

    • Controlling JSON generation with JAXB annotations
    • Defining a JSON return type from a Java method


    5. Developing RESTful Clients

    Dispatching REST messages using JAX–RS

    • Building the client’s request
    • Handling the service’s response code and exceptions


    Marshalling JavaBeans with JAXB

    • Mapping XML with Java API for XML Binding (JAXB)
    • Converting Java arguments with JAXB and JAX–RS


    Processing asynchronous messages

    • Implementing server–push with JAX–RS
    • Delivering asynchronous client requests


  • J2EE – Web Component Development

    Course duration: 60 Days, Course Fee: 4000

    Java EE (J2EE) – Web Component Development training will develop your java programming skill to works with JEE frameworks. After completion of this training you will able to develop Web Application, Internet Application etc. You can use JEE technology for the development of robust, scalable enterprise applications.

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